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Episode 1 - "Birthday Surprise"

Centers on the adventures of a seemingly normal girl who lives a quiet, uneventful life in the secluded seaside town of Easthaven.  However, she soon unknowingly discovers amazing supernatural powers. After a series of terrifying events, Jill realises that in fact, she is a powerful being that even she, is wary of.

27th February 2015

Episode 2 - "Suspicious Minds"

Jill tries to get her head around the previous night's events and looks to Max for emotional support. Meanwhile, a Detective is keen to find out what happened to Ricky.

13th March 2015

Episode 3 - "The Truth Hurts"

Max pushes Jill for answers about Ricky, but can he handle the truth? Things get worse for Jill when Detective Johnson steps up her investigation.

27th March 2015

Episode 4 - "Trial By Fire"

After an ordinary mugging, Jill inadvertently discovers an interesting new ability and finds out how she can use it to help others. Especially when she encounters a serial arsonist, who too possess supernatural powers. Meanwhile, Detective Johnson meets a mysterious individual who ensures her they can work together to uncover Jill's secret.

10th April 2015

Episode 5 - "The Great Ice Robbery"

Jill and Max grow closer which prompts him to make a life changing decision about their future. 

Meanwhile, other individuals with abilities emerge and hold a heist at a bank, just as Max is making a withdrawal. Also, Jill goes onto search for answers about her powers, and Conrad Green makes his presence known as he warns Jill of things to come.

24th April 2015

Episode 6 - "Go For The Heart"

Jill and Max research into the background of the deadly arsonist, and soon start to uncover some startling revelations about the allusive Sci-Tex Corporation. Meanwhile, Conrad Green is put under pressure from his superior to move forward with his plans.

8th May 2015

Episode 7 - "Journey's End: Part 1"

After the shocking events that took place last time, Max wakes up to discover Conrad and co have kidnapped Jill and taken her back to Sci-Tex. What will they do with her? Meanwhile, Max is offered a helping hand from an unlikely source, but at what price?

22nd May 2015

Episode 8 - "Journey's End: Part 2"
Can Max bring Jill back from the brink or has he lost her forever? More importantly, what does Ruban have up his sleeve and who will pay the ultimate sacrifice? Find out in the season one finale!
5th June 2015