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Character Bios

Jill Sutherland

Jill is a kind hearted girl, with aspirations of becoming a chef, and maybe finishing College. She wants nothing more than to lead a normal life like every other girl her age, but recently, a higher calling means she may have her destiny already written in stone.

The death of her parents affected her at a very young age, and ever since she has been raised by her late Grandmother with whom she lived with. Her recent passing meant Jill is now alone with no living relatives remaining, and only her close friend Max to share her life with, but is that about to change?

Max Wilson

His love for Jill is not his only passion, he also has a very proud interest in comic books, specifically superheros, ironically. Armed with all his knowledge from years of reading them, he is always there to give Jill a helping hand when it comes to learning about her powers. But does he know what he's getting himself into?

Max and Jill have a long and complicated history that is still to be unravelled. They both attended high school together as teenagers and have had a rocky on and off relationship ever since. 

Max has always shown Jill how much he cares for her and shows that his commitment to her is a strong one and that he will protect her no matter what. 

But why is Jill so reluctant to open up to him? Perhaps she is scared what might happen if Max becomes too involved in the ever dangerous world of the supernatural.

Detective Johnson

Nothing fazed this Detective before she met Jill, after then, her whole world has been turned upside down. 

After witnessing several unexplained and strange occurrences around Jill, she has been at the height of suspicion ever since. But does she know what she is about to face, and more importantly, is she ready to learn the truth?

Conrad Green

The mysterious and highly unpredictable manager of the Sci-Tex Corporation, Conrad Green. 

Feared by those who move in other worldly circles, this man has knowledge into the supernatural that no other human does. 

But who is he working for, and what does the Sci-Tex Corporation have in store for Jill?